Right now nothing is right with the world. What was once left is right...up is down and so on. That's how i feel. I'm begging to just go with it. I'm thinking not to doubt or second guess my own feelings or instincts. For once I don't feel guilty.

How can you be happy and sad at once?

How can one be satisfied yet unsatisfied...frustrated yet complacent?

How can you know what you want but not want it

 I  seem to be something of a Paradox holding contradicting and challenging beliefs t the ones I thought I believed in.. I don't think this is anything new and how it has always been, but now I'm at a point where they cancel out. Perhaps I don't even know myself anymore. Everything can fall apart especially belief systems. Everything can fall into question when you don't know what you believe in or even understand yourself.

Sometimes you wake up and have the right to be angry, but that doesn't give me the right to be cruel. I may seem cruel but I have a heart  I'm always in search of a greater truth and insight in all kinds of things, beliefs, ideas, people. But I no longer have answers to anything.  Should I be satisfied in the end with who I am...or only who I aspire to be? rather Which is really important?