Rules are meant to be broken
by Elizabeth Toni Clair on Saturday, July 9, 2011 at 1:01pm ·

Since I have been turned down, passed over, not hired for whatever reason for god knows whatever ever reason for god knows how many jobs. You name it I've applied to work there (Aiport, governement, call center, hotels, ski resorts, retail, food,education, healthcare)I figured why do I even bother to try my hand at going about things this way...there is no real order to life or any rules. We buy into thinkint there are some sorta rules that govern and dictate sway over us.

I've put so much stress on myself to the point where i've been plagued with depression and thoughts of suicide. This pressure to "BE" something.

I figure my next venture should be to be a hip hop producer or an A&R at a record company. Even though im still a jazz musician at heart lol. I can write melodies, understand harmony, arranging and orchestration, composition...why not. These are jobs that I wish I could do. I feel that i would be suited for them...they require no formal education, license or anything else. Just skill and talent. It's just its more about who you know. Unfortunately I don't know many people in the music industry. Other than that I'd like a job where I work with transgender and gay youth.

Otherwise all there seems to be is fast food as a real viable options for work every other thing requires a degree, experience, a skill, a certificate, a licensee, knowledge, luck, a security clearance, good credit none of which I have. For everyone that says go to college....why its a double edges sword. For some people it helps for a great majority of people it doesn't matter one bit if you end up working in minimum wage anyways with massive debt. You just wonder why go into debt when you don't get ahead. Why continue to play at their game...when there are no rules. You have to rewrite the rules.

Society is set up in such a way they make it seem like people make bad choices but now i sympathize and i see sometimes there are no legitimate choices to them but thats because they are stuck in the confines of the system. Perhaps the past two or so years have been years of a kind of growth and evolution and how i look at the word. Slowly i am coming into my own truth and knowing what i value. I think we all know that deep in our hearts our own truth. Now i am just rejecting the unnecessary training and garbage in life.